Porter Stansberry: The single best way to profit from the coming credit crisis

Richard Sandor, chairman and CEO of the American Financial Exchange and the Father of Financial Futures, joins Grant’s to help us make sense of the major.

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Porter Stansberry. Porter Stansberry founded Stansberry Research in 1999 with the firm’s flagship publication, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. He is also the host of Stansberry Investor Hour, a weekly broadcast that has quickly become one of the most popular online financial radio shows.

Together, they find the best ways to profit, focusing on ways to benefit in the midst of financial crises. E.B.’s been profiting from crisis for years. In early 2009, he realized that the US housing bust would create a generation of renters. He raised money and bought a large portfolio of single.

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Stocks in Asia surged today, with a significant lead coming from Chinese markets on optimism over. European markets are higher at midday, with stocks in Italy leading the way after credit ratings.

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